16 Squadron ATC Tauranga


16 Squadron ATC Tauranga


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16 Squadron ATC Tauranga



16 Squadron ATC Tauranga

An invitation to the youth of Tauranga to join us. Ages 13 -15yrs


Adventure ~ Skills ~ Leadership ~ Confidence

16 Squadron ATC Tauranga




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16 Squadron ATC Tauranga


16 Squadron ATC Tauranga was formed in 1971 and held its first parade in 1972


The unit was granted freedom of the city in September 1996


16 Squadron Tauranga has for many years prided itself on having one of the best shooting teams in Cadet Forces.  They have for many years held all the trophies available to then including Commonwealth Medals


16 Squadron have over the years turned out a number of outstanding citizens, both in the military and civilian worlds


What Happens at 16 Squadron ATC Tauranga?


We meet every Tuesday (during the school term), from 1830 to 2100 hrs. Cadets participate in a training programme set out by NZ Cadet Forces.  This extensive programme includes activities such as aviation studies, bush craft, navigation, care and respect of the uniform, drill, through to leadership training. 


Cadets have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of weekend activities throughout the year: They include -


Power Flying ~ Gliding ~ Camping ~ Tramping ~ Overseas Cadet Exchange Leadership Courses ~  Shooting ~ Navigation ~ First Aid




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16 Squadron ATC Tauranga




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16 Squadron ATC Tauranga